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Brewery Update, Where to Find Us and Future Plans

The past few months have been manic for us. The constant flow of bottles coming in and out of the brewery has been fantastic to see in spite of all the early get ups, endless shifting sacks of grain and putting up with the odd downpour of rain outside.

Due to the demand from weekend markets as well as return orders from local businesses we have already began to expand our capacity. From ordering bottles by the pallet load, and watching all 830kgs nearly fall off the end of a lorry and then calling on friends to help us shift them into the brewery itself (Thanks Grant and Roo!) to scaling up our fermentation capacity. This has allowed us to be able to brew three times a week to try and keep up with demand.

Our increased output has led to a substantial amount of spent grains (a byproduct) being leftover. Fortunately we have been able to find a source locally and they have found their home as food for some pigs. Fingers crossed some pork is on its way to us in the near future!

The interest shown locally, over social media and at the farmers markets we've attended so far has been outstanding. Our first market in Pitlochry was a sell out and both Leith and Perthshire on a Plate food festival has near enough wiped us out of stock as we wait for more beer to condition ready for bottling.

The scaling up has allowed us to think in advance a bit more and we have been able to accept invitations for more stalls in Pitlochry, Logierait, Aberfeldy, Crieff and Leith for the remainder of the year. Each time we attend we will be stocking our four regulars (Mosaic, Classic IPA, Rye IPA and Porter) as well as at least one seasonal or experimental beer. Please see the list of dates below on where to find us and when*

Pitlochry  - Saturday 19th August (10am - 3pm)

Logierait  - Sunday 27th August (10am - 2pm)

Aberfeldy  - Sunday 3rd September (10am - 2pm)

Pitlochry  - Saturday 16th September

Leith  - Saturday 23rd September (10am - 5pm)

Logierait - Sunday 24th September

Crieff - Saturday 7th October (10am-5pm)

Leith - Saturday 14th October

Pitlochry - Saturday 21st October

Logierait - Sunday 22nd October

Leith - Saturday 28th October

Blair Castle Craft and Food Fair - Friday 3rd through Sunday 5th November

Leith - Saturday 11th November

Pitlochry - Saturday 18th November

Pitlochry Make a Yurt Do - Friday 8th December - 5pm til 11pm

Leith - Saturday 9th December

Crieff - Sunday 10th December

Pitlochry - Saturday 16th December

Leith - Saturday 23rd December

Leith - Saturday 30th December

* There are likely to be more dates added in the next few weeks so be sure to check back here or on our social media (@wasteddegrees on Facebook and Instagram or @degreeswasted on Twitter).

Alternatively, you can find our beers in the following places: Robertsons of Pitlochry, Macdonalds the Butchers (Pitlochry), East Haugh House Hotel (Pitlochry), Mains of Taymouth (Kenmore), JL Gills (Crieff) and Little's Restaurant in Blairgowrie.

Amongst all these goings on in the next week we are going to be making our way down to a Farm in the Carse of Gowrie to check on the preparations for their upcoming hop harvest. The intention is to produce a beer made using ingredients solely from Perthshire. We think this could be a first for the region and make us one of the only brewers in Scotland to produce a beer solely using Scottish ingredients. Keep up to date on any developments when we have them on our Facebook.

Our other plan further down the line is to start our online shop. Preparations have been underway for a while now. With our application lodged with the council back in May and the recent public consultation coming to a close last week, we eagerly await the Licensing Board's response. Fingers crossed we have an online shop up and running by mid October but unfortunately the timescale is out of our hands until the license makes its way through.

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