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Expanding Availability

With what feels like a blink of an eye we are quickly approaching to the mid point of the year.

With markets coming thick and fast and brewing continuing up in Pitlochry to attempt to meet this demand we have now got our hands on our first gyspy brewed products.

Another plate to keep spinning certainly, but one we are extremely excited about. Finally we can begin to expand our reach beyond scenic Pitlochry to new retailers and bars alike. The reaction has been such that further gypsy brews are already in motion.

While a full stockists list will soon make its way onto our website, we thought we should do a quick post in the outlets secured in the last few days:

- Robertsons of Pitlochry

- Port an Craig Restaurant, Pitlochry

- Provender Brown, Perth

- MacDonalds Bros, Pitlochry

- Unorthodox Coffee Roasters, Kinross

- The Roseleaf, Leith

With talks continuing with multiple other places we will shortly be adding further stockists to the list, shortening the distance between you and our beer.

In the mean time you can find us and our limited editions at farmers markets and events near you. Keep checking our Facebook and Instagram for updates as they come.


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