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Year Review and 2019 Plans

What a year we've had. From traveling around the country offering samples and sales at various events to sending our beer further a field than ever before. The story of 2018 however has been of expansion. Not only through the introduction of our two staple beers and online shop but in flexing our creative muscles and utilising what is on our door step.

The highlights have certainly been our limited editions. Particularly our Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Wet Hopped Beers, Coffee Stout and Raspberry Porters. Marrying these local ingredients and influences in our beer has been exceptional fun but has provided the biggest opportunity to display who we are, what we are about and show the outstanding produce Perthshire has to offer. Evidently this has created a huge connection with our customer base - with these three beers featuring heavily in our email inbox for requests of more or whats next.

So what is next?

2019 will carry on in the same regard as 2018. Expansion. Come February we'll be moving our gypsy brewed beers to a new brewery. Going from 800L to 2500L per brew. Canning and Kegging our produce will take it on another step to stand out even further to what is available locally but also helping on the ever expanding online shop side of things. While it is a further growing pain to undertake from a business perspective it's one we are relishing. Opening up to supplying more people, shops and bars is something we simply cannot wait for. If you would like to see our beer in a shop or bar local to you send us a message on Instagram or Facebook @wasteddegrees or through the contact us part of our website.

On the Limited Edition side of things we are adopting a seasonal approach to what we do. Again putting the focus on our existing relationships with fantastic local producers and utilising our original system in Pitlochry in the process. We've secured a sizable grant from the Connect Local Regional Food Fund, in conjunction with the Scottish Government, to increase the scale of our releases to further promote our collaborative relationships and local produce. As a result we will be scaling up production of our Glen Lyon Roastery Coffee Beer (expected release ~April 2019), Broadslap Farm Raspberry Sour (expected release ~July 2019), and our Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (expected release ~November 2019).. barrels courtesy of Strathearn Distillery and hops grown by the folks at Guardswell Farm in the Carse of Gowrie.

Scaling up these beers six times the size is a step toward making this project an annual event for ourselves. In the project we've named 'Beer from Perthshire’s Larder' we aim to expand, celebrate and popularise the use of local produce through the medium of beer. With beers that celebrate the breadth & depth of outstanding Perthshire produce, consumers will be empowered to develop a deeper understanding of what is grown and produced around them, thus creating & reinforcing a lasting connection to Perthshire’s larder and reducing the distance between the consumer and their food.

We’re delighted that the project is supported by the Connect Local Regional Food Fund, which isfinanced by The Scottish Government, in partnership with industry, and has been created topromote local food and drink, in line with Ambition 2030. For the Connect Local Press Release see:

We'll spread updates of the development, brewing and distribution of these beers throughout the year but feel we had to share and celebrate the news of our Limited Editions being more widely available in the coming year.

In addition to these projects we will of course be taking our beer around the country to various events and pop-ups. Stay tuned for a finalised list of these in the coming weeks.


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